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  • WTF Doctor

    A game that will surely freak you out! This is a hilarious game that will give you some laugh as you play it. ...

    Plays: 65892 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Waste No Time Surgery

    A very weird game of surgery and operation, playing Waste No Time Surgery can give you a laugh and a good time...

    Plays: 16614 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Virtual Brain Surgery

    Perform operation like a pro in this brain surgery game. Choose either the medical intern that will follow the...

    Plays: 37566 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Urgent Appendix Surgery

    Inflammation of the appendix is very serious as this may cause infection the whole body and can be life threat...

    Plays: 46363 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Swine Flu Epidemic

    A simple game but packed with challenges as you will need to fight the Swine Flu Virus. Your role is to kills ...

    Plays: 14381 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Surgery Room - Virus Attack

    Brace your hearts out with this new and challenging game all about viruses. Remember that the game is all abou...

    Plays: 9829 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Super Surgeon - Stomach Surgery

    Get to experience this heart thumping game about stomach surgery. The game is about helping the patient named ...

    Plays: 53109 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Super Surgeon - Leg Surgery

    There are a lot of reasons why we may need to have a surgery performed in our body. Some maybe caused by accid...

    Plays: 38702 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Soccer Doctor 2

    Do you have what it takes to perform operation even if you have minimal knowledge? Play Soccer Doctor 2 where ...

    Plays: 11766 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Save A Life - Heart Surgery

    The game is about performing different kinds of organ transplants to different kinds of patients. There will b...

    Plays: 18335 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Pizza Boy Surgery

    Are you looking for a different action in a totally odd operating room? Play, sweat, have fun and laugh at thi...

    Plays: 23575 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Organ Transplant Surgery

    How good you are with your own anatomy? Test you skill in playing Organ Transplant Surgery. The game is easy t...

    Plays: 20864 Play Now! Rating: 3
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