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  • Oral Dental Surgery

    Curious how the oral dental surgery is done? This surgery may not be as famous as the other surgeries happenin...

    Plays: 39481 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Operation Arm Surgery

    The arm is one of the vital parts of the body used in the daily activities of the men. What can happen if some...

    Plays: 41034 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Learn Eye Surgery

    Help Marie get her old vision again as you operate and remove the cataract on her eyes. You will need to be ve...

    Plays: 44179 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Injection Experience

    Hold that syringe tight and pinch its needle carefully to your patient. Make sure to finish injecting your pat...

    Plays: 34051 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Hospital Surgery

    Hospital Surgery is not a just an interactive game. The game is an example of role playing games that the play...

    Plays: 37095 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Doctor X - Heart Surgery

    Heart is one of the major organs in our body. It plays a vital role in transporting blood all throughout the b...

    Plays: 48459 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Dark Cut

    Make yourself ready before playing Dark Cut. This is no ordinary surgery game wherein you get to see the right...

    Plays: 37910 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Crazy Skin Surgery

    Are you curios on how a skin surgery is performed? Try this game about a skin surgery and learn more on how su...

    Plays: 44175 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Crazy Organ Transplant Surgery 2

    Wants to test your photographic memory? Try playing Crazy Organ Transplant Surgery 2. The game is just simple ...

    Plays: 22406 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Cochlear Implant Ear Surgery

    Do you have curiosity inside everyone's ear? Want to know the wonders that cochlear implant to help the patien...

    Plays: 26703 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Celebrity Plastic Surgery

    Celebrities are expected to look good all the time. They should appear beautiful, sexy and appealing to the pu...

    Plays: 65216 Play Now! Rating: 3
  • Cavity Search

    Want a scary surgery game? This game will surely make your heart scream! You will play a surgeon here where yo...

    Plays: 19000 Play Now! Rating: 3
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