Organ Transplant Surgery

How good you are with your own anatomy? Test you skill in playing Organ Transplant Surgery. The game is easy to play because you will just use your mouse to control it. But completing the game is challenging because you are to solve the puzzle by doing an organ transplant. You will need to put the organs on the right places. You can use the picture on your left as a model. These organs are the heart, lungs, kidney, brain, gall bladder, and the small and large intestine. Make sure that you are able to put the organs on its correct position. As you try to move the organs inside the human body, you are learning in a lot of way. Remember that the organs are positioned perfectly inside our body to function at its fullest. And because you are able to put them on their right places, you will then learn how they are related to it each and how they help each function well.